Fort Collins Hash House Harriers


2018 Feb Hash 

What: FCH3 Trail #202

Presidents’ Day Hash: The Most Red, White, and Blue Event This Side of the 4th of July

When: Saturday, February 24, at 12pm

Where: Start at the NE corner of Elizabeth and Skyline (It’s a big, open field.)

Hares: Just Monica and Just Eric (with a possible cameo by Filipenis)

Trail: A - A’ - There will be a shaggin’ wagon
Shiggy: Minimal
Cost: $7
Wear: the most red, white, and blue you can get your hands on, or you can dress as your favorite president

Bring: Dry socks/shoes in case of inclement weather, your ID (because that’s always a good thing to have), virgins, new shoes, whistles, lowered expectations, a dying thirst for shitty beer, stove pipe hat, a teddy bear, crazy socks, wooden dentures, a scandalous cigar. No doggos, please.

Lost: Call Just Monica 970-412-3086 or Just Eric 727-773-7218

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